Thursday, November 04, 2010

Well, That Was Unexpected.

I had my six-week checkup today (my incision is doing great; the doctor says I'm "a great healer").

Everything was normal until they called my name to head back to the checkup room and there, standing with the nurse, is an adorable 10-year-old girl, looking like she thinks she belongs there.

Apparently it was Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, or something of the sort. She was my doctor's daughter and was shadowing her father for the day as part of a school assignment. (Don't worry, she didn't come into the room to help during the actual checkup. The proprieties must be observed at all times.)

I have to say, Daughter pretty much rocks. Because not only does she have the coo-over-the-patient's-baby demeanor down pat (like I said before, Little Guy is eminently coo-overable; I'll try to do a photo post sometime soon); she also takes blood pressure like a pro.

Better than the pros, actually, because when she took my blood pressure today it has finally started creeping down towards normal levels. It was low enough, in fact, that while it's not normal yet, I don't have to take the blood pressure medication anymore.


I think maybe the pros were doing it wrong before. I may have to talk to them and see if they can bring Awesome Daughter in every time I go back for an appointment.

The girl's got skills, is all I'm saying.

Ooh, and I got it in just before midnight! Go me on day 4!


Lost in Translation said...

I love this! I love when kids are sweet and not total punks. Sounds like this one was a gem, but I'm sure a little surprising initially!

Congrats on the incision site healing up quickly and the returning-to-normal BP rates. What a relief!

Tina said...

I'm loving all these posts!!
Congrats on the blood pressure being almost normal. It must be such a relief!!!

Katie E. said...

Yea for your blood pressure! And your body in general! And