Thursday, October 26, 2006

They Said What??? Thursday: Fine Dining

We saw this sign on the wall as we were waiting to be seated at the IHOP. Being forewarned, we made sure all our food of animal, origin was properly cooked. Unfortunately, however, they were out of fish lamb pork.

License plate: DI8TSHN

And just in case you needed reassurance that your fast food had some nutritional value, you'll be comforted to see that the breakfast menu at Mickey D's is endorsed by at least one dietician. Or, at any rate, by someone who drives the dietician's car.

Friday, October 20, 2006

They Said What??? Thursday

So it's Friday. So sue me.

Which, incidentally, will not cost me much in court costs at all because I know two soon-to-be lawyers. Shallow Man and I got our scores back for the LSAT, and the Geneva Convention is definitely not pleased -- both in the top 10%, baby!

But I digress.

Of course, if I were my boss, I would probably have said "digest," judging from some of the choice remarks he's made lately:

Overheard from a telephone conversation:

"We'll try to get to it, but of course our projects take presidents over yours."

My coworker's snarky response for the benefit of our cubicle: "I want Washington." I'm holding out for Rutherford B. Hayes, myself.

Discussing what is vital:

Boss: We need to get the correct address, because that's quintessential in getting the letter sent out.

Me: (longish pause) Did you mean "essential"?

Boss: (even longer-ish pause) Did I?

Me: Yes, I think you did.

Boss: (longest pause yet, then continues as if nothing has happened at all) So I'll call and get the addresss....

It's not just my boss that says dumb things, though. Check out the headline on this article:

Experts: Some women perform well in math

Yeah, somebody needs to get a new copyeditor.

Have you had any "They Said What???" moments recently? Please pass them along so we can all enjoy (or at least shudder in pain together).

Thursday, October 12, 2006


I'm not quite sure what the real word is for doom that was impending and has now come and gone.

I know you're all wondering how the doom went, but I can't tell you too much because it could lead to an investigation and disciplinary action by The Subcommittee.

Yeah, the test administrators repeated that threat before the test, between each section, before and after the break and then again when the test was finished. Who exactly The Subcommittee is they didn't say, but they said it in that you-can-tell-it's-a-capital-T-capital-S kind of way, and you know no good can come from That, so I'd rather play it safe.

Suffice it to say that I slapped the LSAT around and emerged at least victorious enough to enjoy a late, late brunch (more like a linner, but with breakfast food) at IHOP. Whether that was victorious enough to actually get me into any sort of law school with actual credentials (unlike, say, Bubba's Legal Drive-Thru), we'll have to wait and see. Results come out on the 23rd...

In other news, since everybody seems to have a recurring alliteratively themed day feature on their blogs, I need to jump on the bandwagon and get one too.

So, coming soon, for your entertainment and to cater to my inner grammar Nazi:

They Said What?? Thursday (or whatever day I happen to post it)

P. S. Happy birthday, Teeny! You're my favorite littlest sister, even if you are getting disrespectfully tall. :)