Thursday, August 27, 2009

I believe you have my stapler.

So does anyone remember that small scene in the movie Office Space (which I've only seen edited on TV, but really, who hasn't wanted to take the recalcitrant printer or other bit of office equipment out to the back field and whack it with a baseball bat?) where you hear this squeaking noise going up and down repeatedly and then the camera pans over to the next cubicle where the girl answers the phone and it's her voice pitch changing as she says "Hello" and "Please hold" that was making the noise the whole time?

Yeah, me neither.*

But I'm sitting at my carrel here at the law school at 5:36 p.m. when most people are gone so the few people who are left feel safe talking a bit louder than they otherwise would, and the tone of their talking is having the same effect where it sounds like some sort of cricket or small baby bird has made its way into the law library and is chirping whenever someone says a word containing the letter "s" anywhere in it.

Which of course, leaves me torn between the desire to save that poor baby bird and the urge to find that bug and kill it (or at the very least make it leave the building).

Which I guess is the long way of saying that the reading for tomorrow's class has failed to catch my interest.

*Actually, I totally remember this part. I just couldn't find a clip online quickly and didn't feel like making a protracted search effort. If one of all y'alls finds it, though, please feel free to share it with the class.

Monday, August 17, 2009

And I ask myself . . .

Why is it, do you think, that smoke detector batteries only die, thus causing the smoke detector to beep periodically until you unplug it, between the hours of three and five in the morning? Why is it always during the hours where you are most likely to be in deep sleep mode, causing you to wake up to a beeping alarm in a state of intense confusion and grogginess, leading to disorganized panic? Why can't they ever die at, say, 6:20 p.m.? Hmmm?

The sad thing is, this happened very early Saturday morning and my sleep schedule STILL isn't back on track yet. Grrr!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

In which the hubby gets a new nickname.

So we teach Primary, as I've mentioned before. In order to keep the kids in order we have them earn points for doing things like bringing their scriptures or wearing their CTR rings or not strangling each other during Sharing Time. (This latter activity actually loses them points. And brain cells, one would imagine.) When they collect 100 points they get to have a party of their choice. Tonight we had an ice cream party with ridiculous numbers of toppings and five different flavors of ice cream.

At one point Shallow Man was following the directions on the Chocolate Fudge Magic Shell bottle and Shaking Well Before Using. Of course, that was when he found out that he had neglected to completely screw the lid back on after removing the inner seal. Chocolate Fudge Magic Shell went all over the place, mostly on the face and shirt of one of our Primary kids.

PK was a good sport about it, though. He cleaned up as well as he could with water and a paper towel. I think a bowl full of an 85-15 mixture of Sprinkles and Ice Cream went a long way towards appeasing any upset feelings. Later on, when Shallow Man was apologizing to PK, PK not only informed us that his mother is "a forgiver" (which is good, because she's also a counselor in the Primary presidency), but also made this remark to Shallow Man:

PK (sporting an impish grin on his really-too-adorable-to-be-legal face): "Maybe we could change your name from Brother [Shallow Man] to Brother Clumsy."

I think we may be on to something here.