Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Today is the best day ever. Well, the best day I've had for a long time.

As of today, my job is officially "my old job."

Never have to go back.

Or see the CHB* ever again.

Yes, this is a good, good day.


*Curly-haired boss; closely related to the PHB.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

My choice

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Common Courtesy; or, Incident at the Cinema

So we just got back from seeing The Bourne Ultimatum (which I quite enjoyed, but that's not what this story is about).

We arrived at the theatre in time and before the previews started but, since we had not seen fit to arrive an hour early to sit in line for seats, the theater was mostly full when we got there and aside from the very front row there weren't two seats open next to each other. I personally can't watch movies in the front row because, aside from not being able to see what's going on other than a minute inspection of Matt Damon's skin pores and chin stubble, I get a major headache and a stiff neck. Since I'm already having neck problems, we decided the front row was out and tried to find some other seats.

In general, I prefer the back of the theatre, but I also prefer watching movies with my husband, so when I saw two seats available on the first row of the back section, I decided we'd try there. Except that these two seats were separated by a couple already sitting down. I politely asked them if either of the seats were saved and they said no. I then asked if maybe they would be willing to move over one seat so --

I didn't get to finish before the guy started shaking his head no, they wouldn't be willing to move.

"So that my husband and I can sit together?" (This shouldn't have been necesary to point out, by the way; Shallow Man was standing right next to me.)

The guy absolutely refused to move.

Now, I realize they'd gotten there first. I realize that they wanted to sit where they were sitting. But I was only asking for one of them to move one chair over so I could sit with my husband. But this guy had apparently decided that the only possible seat in the theatre he could sit in was the one he was in and heaven forbid his date should have to move (in her defense, she was obviously unimpressed by his actions and she started to give him her opinion of them once we started to move on; but she didn't offer to move over, either).

So we ended up sitting on separate rows. (Some people on one row offered to scoot down three or four seats to let us sit together but it turned out one of the seats was already saved. Still, I greatly appreciated the gesture.)

Like I say, I understand that the up-front row people probably waited in line for a while to get good seats. Shallow Man and I did not.

But whatever happened to common courtesy?