Thursday, July 27, 2006


First off, I need to get something off my chest.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Not Allison! You were the most consistently talented girl there! Why, why, why?

Okay, now that I've just revealed my deep, dark, secret (yes, I watch a reality talent TV show, but only because they've got some darn good dancin'), let's get on to real business:


Yeah, I'm still really annoyed with my new boss. I wasn't so annoyed for a while, but then he came back from vacation and started having team meetings and all of my newly-formed positive resolutions kind of evaporated. It's going to be a long several months. (I still have no idea why he was hired over my uber-qualified and awesome co-worker Kate. But I won't go into that here.)

Aw, man. I'm watching local news as I write this and they're showing Allison's friends and family react to the news, and now her little sisters have nearly got me crying. This is depressing.

In other news, I am going slightly crazy, craving the Greek sandwiches from the Resto Beauborg. Have been for three days now. The problem: the Resto Beauborg is located in Paris. France, not Texas. Need to find a cheap substitute... does anybody know of any good Greek places in the Salt Lake Valley? I'd never really eaten Greek before we went to Paris, so I have no idea where to get any around here. I welcome your suggestions!

I am also craving some thunderstorms here. Last night we had an el-huge-o windstorm with Hat Island (the little tiny island nobody knows about in the Great Salt Lake) getting hurricane-force winds for about half an hour. Now, we don't live on Hat Island (as far as I know, nobody does, not even really bison...) but I did have worries that some of the trees around the parking lot would fall on Sonya, forcing us to get another new bumper. I don't know if I mentioned Sonya's new bumper. It's green. (Sonya is blue. Fortunately it's a non-clashy, rather flashy, green, so she looks two-toned rather than stupid. I'll have to post pics sometime.) None of the parking lot trees fell over, although some along the street in back did lose their tops. But no thunder at all. I miss thunderstorms. And by extension, my Margot.

Over the weekend we nearly died when Shallow Man found an even-huger-than-el-huge-o desk at the good ol' D. of I. Seriously, this thing is massive (36" deep by 72" wide, about 200 pounds), and he didn't believe me when I told him it was too big. I was able to persuade him that at the very least we would never fit it into Sonya, so we called up my daddy and he brought the minivan over to help us take it home. He ended up having to tie the back doors shut with ultra-strength DI twine and I still hurt from struggling up the stairs with it.

As a side note, my dad is the best ever. I seriously don't know what we'd do without him - from helping us move to fixing the car to paying for the wedding reception to lending us movies, my dad is the best. My mom, too. I hope you're reading this and I hope you enjoyed the ice cream and we really don't thank you enough. Love you, Mom and Dad!

We also finally have a dresser. The only problem is that it took so long to put together that we were too exhausted to unpack the suitcases full of underwear into it, so it's still empty. But it looks good.

Well, the Simpsons are on so I need to go cuddle and giggle with my husband. (Who forgot to mention, by the way, that he didn't actually decide to ask me out - I had to prompt him heavily. I'm pretty sure if we were relying only on his agency in that situation, we'd still be waiting.)

In closing, tha moon is very useful everyone. And I am waaaaayyy too easily amused.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Don't mind me. That loud noise you just heard was only the sound of Ultimate Suffering.

I was going to post something more cheerful, but I'm just too upset right now.

No, no deaths here. But you have to wonder what on earth is wrong with the world when they hire a practically illiterate (brags that he's never finished a book in his life, excluding scripture), has no ability to write a well-crafted sentence, probably wouldn't notice an even adequately-crafted sentence if it danced a polka on his nose, has limited social skills and absolutely no respect for personal boundaries or privacy, quit college to work two jobs full time (one in a call center and the other at Home Depot) person to manage a team of college graduates, all with English degrees (some with graduate degrees in English), whose job is to write letters all day long. Oh, and did I mention he also has no idea how to even begin to do the job he's supposed to be managing?

What really stings is that there was a perfectly-qualified applicant from the team who has a degree, who writes extremely well, who knows the job inside and out, who's been managing the team ever since the old manager left while still doing her own job and excelling at both, holding everything together seamlessly, and who has the respect of all the team members besides? (No, it's not me.)

I don't know if this is due to male chauvinism (hiring the unqualified male over the qualified female), total ignorance of the actual qualifications needed to do the job (the person doing the hiring really doesn't know what the job requires; so why is he doing the hiring anyway? Just one more unanswered question among many...), or just sheer stupidity (the pointy-haired boss system of management, hiring and promotions), but whatever it is, it stinks.

Please cover your ears for a moment while I mutter angry things under my breath. On second thought, you may just want to leave altogether so I can get back to screaming and tearing my hair out...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth!

Just wanted to take a brief moment to wish all y'all a Happy Fourth of July. Hope it was great, you ate lots of good food, and you enjoyed some fireworks.

Oh, and sorry for the long break... I think I slept through June somehow...