Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Addiction

I'd been hearing a lot of people talking about Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, recently and I was intrigued -- you've got to be curious about a novel about vampires written by a BYU grad (and lest you chide me for potential spoilers, that's all spelled out on the back cover of the book). So I picked up a copy at the bookstore last week and started reading it, mostly in fits because I didn't have very many large chunks of spare time until Friday afternoon. At that point, I settled in and read almost straight through till the end.

I only stopped long enough to get up and order the sequel off Amazon when I realized there were only three chapters left of this absolutely wonderful book.

Then, when the sequel, New Moon, arrived on Tuesday afternoon (can I take a moment to say just how much I love Amazon Prime?) I jumped right back into the story. And remembered the real world when I finished the last page at 11:00 p.m., not having stopped to eat dinner or do laundry or really even say hi to my sweet and understanding husband when he got home about an hour into the book.

I then spent several hours on Wednesday and Thursday prowling around Stephenie Meyer's website and the Twilight Lexicon, and pondering the respective merits of Edward and Jacob, and I have now come to the conclusion that I'm addicted. I had suspected it before but my suspicions were confirmed when I realized that I'd been complaining to Shallow Man for the last ten minutes (who was listening very patiently, I might add) that I had to wait until FALL before the next book in the series came out, GOSH!, and how on earth was I supposed to wait that long to find out what happened???

I wasn't even this obsessed when Harry Potter 6 came out. Granted, yes, I did read that one straight through as well, but I haven't re-read it since and I don't spend hours thinking about the implications of being with someone who did magic (like I was trying to figure out how the whole eating dinner as a family thing would work out if Bella and Edward had a family -- because she'd start telling the kids to eat their veggies and they say "But Daddy doesn't have to eat them!" and then she'd have to explain that's because Daddy doesn't eat real food.... Yeah, I should probably stop now).

I'm making myself take a little break now while I finish re-reading Jane Eyre, but I'm not really fooling myself. Because I know as soon as I finish it, I'm just going to re-read Twilight.

My name is Elliespen, and I've been in love with Twilight for eleven days.