Thursday, November 11, 2010


Days like today are why I decided to not worry about NaNoWriMo. I know the Little Guy HAS to be tired because he has not slept longer than 30 minutes at a time all day, and not for very many of those 30-minute chunks, either.

But he Will. Not. Sleep.

I've finally got him in his crib and more or less calm (no noise from the baby monitor yet) but then we're only at about minute 12 so there's about 18 minutes to go before he decides the world is ending and he must have Mommy NOW. Which I love that he likes me and needs me and all that but that's about 15 hours straight of all mommy mode all the time. (Okay, to be fair, I did get a shower while Shallow Man held the Little Guy and the Little Guy screamed because he decided right after I got in the shower that he needed to eat again NOW even though I had just finished feeding him about 10 minutes before. Oy.)

The punchline of which is: I love being a mommy, but sometimes it means I can't be a good (or at the very least, an interesting) blogger, so this is all you get today.

But at least I did manage to post today for Day 11, right? Maybe if we all cross our fingers and hope very hard, he will start sleeping again and give me a chance to do a bang-up job tomorrow for Day 12. Maybe? :)

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