Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Tale of Four Socks; or, Really Just Two Socks Now.

The Little Guy has roughly two pairs of socks (out of the dozens that he owns) that consistently stay on his feet. As fate would have it, these are also his only two pairs of brown socks. I'm not sure why we don't have more brown socks for him when most of his wardrobe falls into the green and brown category, thus clashing with his multitude of blue socks. But so it goes.

So why is it that on the same day that half of one pair goes missing in the laundry, half of the other pair decides to fall off of his feet for the first time? And why is it that this happens in the middle of a cemetery full of fallen leaves?

Imagine looking for a light brown sock in a pile of light brown, orange and yellow leaves.


Farewell, sock. We hardly knew thee.

Hopefully I'll have better luck with the dark brown laundry sock. Or else infant sockbuying might be in my very near future.

Day 16! We are officially over the halfway point now. Who would like to celebrate this milestone by sending me brown baby socks?


Lost in Translation said...

Believe me, I KNOW how much you've got going on. As far as saving socks from the sock eating monkey in the washing machine, have you tried one of those little zipper mesh bags? Helpful for easy to lose items like baby socks.

Or really, just buy 15 pairs of interchangeable brown socks. :D

Motion DeSmiths said...

At least you gave it a final resting place.