Thursday, November 10, 2011

De-Lurk Day 2011

There's a blog I read which for a long time sported the saying "I don't hate comments" on its sidebar. I can agree with this sentiment. (Confession: I don't know if the saying was removed because the sidebar was getting crowded or because one day the author woke up and said to herself, "You know what, actually I do hate comments," but I'm going to assume it was the former, because really. Who hates comments? Not me, that's for sure.) Another blogger has explained the reasons why it's okay to be a blog stalker.

I freely admit to stalking blogs and am well aware that there are some people who stalk my blog. I know this mostly because Google Analytics—which is one of my favorite toys, just by the way—shows some regular readers in places where I do not know anyone (or at least, I'm not aware of knowing anyone from these locations).

Which I think is pretty awesome. I like the fact that I can get to know a little bit about someone I've never met, or that I'm sharing my quirky little random stories and thoughts (because, let's face it, that's about as "themed" as this blog gets) with others that I wouldn't have had the chance to share them with otherwise. I like the way the blogging world shrinks the real world in some ways.

But in other ways, I'm a little sad that it tends to be so anonymous. I've found some really cool blogs from people who comment on this and other blogs, and I wonder how many more I'm missing because people are lurking and not commenting. I admit that I frequently lurk at blogs without commenting, usually because I don't want them to freak out about the fact that I happen to be lurking. It may take months of lurkage before I post a comment.

So I don't want any of you to feel worried about this. Following the lead of yet another cool blogger, I declare today to be official De-Lurk Day at The Scritchy Nib. Please leave a comment and let me know if you're reading the blog, where you're from, your favorite dessert, any requests you have for future rants well-thought-out commentaries, any questions you have for me, or anything else you feel comfortable sharing.

I love comments and I love finding new blog friends. Let's make this a day to celebrate both.

(And if you are a regular commenter, please know that I already hold you in the highest esteem, and feel free to continue in that excellent vein.)

Please note: In keeping with the theme, all of today's external blog links are brought to you by blogs of people I do not personally know, and at which I have lurked and subsequently de-lurked and commented.

And yes, if this post seems familiar, it's because it mostly should.


Anonymous said...

Scritchy Nib,

I like to lurk your blog. Favorite dessert: Cookies 'n cream ice cream. Or homemade carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting. Yum!
I would love to hear more about:
Fun with the Little Guy, your plan for your home business, and holiday traditions and other holiday fun times.

Living in Missouri

kenna said...

lurky lurkey.

of course i read. want to know why? you construct the wisest, most coherent and rational comments ever. seriously.

i read often. i am totally a lurker.

dessert? sugar.

i was going to ask if we could be friends, but i guess in my mind i already assumed we were.

how arrogant of me.

erachamay said...

Hello, my name is Erachamay, and I stalk your blog. ("hello, erachamay!") But I might have to by law... :)

Sweet Profusion said...

can't remember why I first started to read, maybe the birthing story. Never thought of reading a public post a s stalking. But yeah, I'd love to know more about the people who read my blog, so...
dessert: mud pie, chocolate babka, or cranberry sauce and grapefruit with whipped cream.

Ashley said...

I keep ending up on your blog. I love what I read.