Saturday, August 13, 2011

The problem with blog-stalking.

I stalk blogs.

Like, all the time.

I love reading blogs and stalking them. Doesn't matter whose blog. Friend, family, acquaintance, celebrity of some type, complete stranger.

I'm usually pretty comfortable with this status. I don't really feel guilty for stalking blogs.

But every now and then it causes problems.

No, not with people who stalk my blog. I don't put anything on here that I'm not willing to let other people read. Stalk away (and leave a comment, you know, if that's what your heart tells you to do. Because contrary to what you may have heard, I don't hate comments).

No, the problem is that sometimes I find a blog that I love. That I enjoy reading. That brings me amusement and fun. And so I will continue to stalk that blog. I'll add it to my list. I'll get in the habit of checking it. I'll fret when a long time goes by without an update. It becomes part of my internet routine.

And then. Yes, then.

The blog author decides to make their blog private.

Sometimes this isn't really a problem, because it'll be someone I know and they'll know I've been reading the blog and I'll get an invite and everything will be fine.

But more often it turns out to be the blog of someone who I vaguely know but they have no idea I've been reading their blog for, oh, a couple of years, and at this point it's just too awkward to ask for an invite.

Because, you know, you don't want them to THINK you're some weird blog stalking-type person. There's a certain window of time where it's okay to let them know you're reading and enjoying their blog, and if you miss it, you can't really tell them without it being awkward. ("So yeah, I was wondering if you could let me continue looking in on the part of your life you post online even though we don't really talk that much in real life and the reason you made your blog private is probably to prevent exactly this sort of situation where someone is reading about you without your knowing them very well? Because losing access to your blog is kind of messing up my standard blog-reading routine.")

It's even worse than when someone just stops posting on their blog for good. Because in that case at least I know that everyone else is missing out, too.

But here, I KNOW they're still posting things and I just can't read them (and asking them to let me read would just be WEIRD)!

It's maddening. MADDENING, I TELL YOU!

Yeah. The Blog-Stalker's Dilemma.

It's rough.

"Seriously, you won't even know I'm there! I know, because you didn't notice me doing it before."


Motion DeSmiths said...

I can so relate. This is hilarious.

Rachel said...

I agree!!!

yowillyjj said...

stalking your blog right now

~Shauna~ said...

haha I hate that! It's so true! It's too awkward to let them know you're missing stalking their blog, but then you don't get to read anymore!

Carrie said...


yowillyjj said...

hell, sometimes I comment so that someone might click on my blog

Bridget said...

I totally agree. I have to add that now that I live somewhere totally obvious on the blog stats trackers, I find I can't blogstalk distant acquaintances as effectively anymore. If they're at all aware where I live, well, then they know I read their blog. Blast.

Bitch from Hell said...

lol, i feel your pain, .... and i fancy your blog! ill continue to read. nice to meet you

erachamay said...

sorry I stopped blogging. I realize that it was me you were talking about, and that your life will never be the same without my all-important blog. *siiigh* I hope you still talk to me, though! ;)

kenna said...

just ask. :)

i totally have before...

and i stalk you, sooooo


Rebecca said...

Haha, I fit that category! I just clicked on "Next Blog" from my blog and it brought me to yours and it's funny that you put a name on it... blog stalking. Hopefully it's not strange that I just commented, but your topic was too funny! :)