Thursday, September 29, 2011

A to Z

Lots of thoughts I've had but not blogged in the last month or so.

*Finally saw the last Harry Potter movie and waxed nostalgic about growing up with Harry.
*Also waxed nostalgic on September 11.
*Took the Little Guy to the zoo, Thanksgiving Point gardens, the aviary, and the State Fair (not all at once), and a great time was had by all.
*Watched the Little Guy grow up more every day until . . .
* . . . He had his first birthday this weekend. (WOW.)
*Made donuts for the first time ever yesterday.
*Working on starting up a small business. Yeah. I'm going to have a preneur.

But today isn't about writing those blog posts. It's about being lazy but wanting to post something, so . . . meme time! (Thanks to megcellent for this cop-out.)

A. Age? 28.
B. Bed Size? Given the choice, king. But our room is only big enough for queen.
C. Chore that you hate? Lots of them, but especially cleaning the bathtub.
D. Donuts? Yes, please. (Hey, I made some yesterday!) Love Banbury Cross donuts in Salt Lake.
E. Essential start to your day? Brush my teeth.
F. Favorite color(s)? Varies, but I do love most shades of blue.
G. Gold or silver? Silver.
H. Height? 5'5" ish.
I. Instruments you play? Piano, kazoo. I'd love to learn how to play guitar.
J. Job title? Work-at-home mom. Best description would probably be Freelancer, Independent Contractor, or, now, Entrepreneur. I guess. Also Writer.
K. Kids? One, the best Little Guy EVER.
L. Live? For theatre, yes. For TV, usually DVR.
M. Mother’s name? Ellen.
N. Netflix? Oh, yeah.
O. Overnight hospital stay(s)? I think just two. Obviously when I was born (does that really count?) and when I gave birth to the Little Guy (for five nights because of the c-section—does that count as more?).
P. Pet peeves? Improper spelling, punctuation and grammar. (I saw someone the other day write "Can you blaim them?" No, but I can and will blame them severely.) Just recently I've also picked up a new one: Bicyclists who do not follow traffic laws. I would love to share the road with you, folks. But it's a lot easier when you don't run red lights or SWERVE RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY CAR WHEN I'M DRIVING 40 MPH. Thank you.
Q. Quote from a movie? Almost always. Today let's go with "I swear she ain't using real words." -Chicken Run.
R. Right or left-handed? Right.
S. Siblings? One older brother and three younger sisters.
T. Time to wake up? About 20 minutes later than I end up actually waking up.
U. Unusual quirks/phobias/factoids? Praying mantises freak me the heck out. Also snakes and really big spiders. And calling people on the phone. My main quirk is that I have a freakishly good memory for useless facts and trivia (see Quote from a movie above).
V. Vegetable you hate? Beets and nalcas.
W. What makes you run late? *sigh* What doesn't? I'm going to say that it's because, unlike George-Michael Bluth, I don't have a really good natural sense of rhythm.
X. X-rays you’ve had? Dental and once on my ankle when it got caught in a bike spoke when I was three or so.
Y. Yummy food that you make? I make a mean enchilada. And those donuts I made yesterday were pretty tasty. And the Geek Out Crew tends to like my Brie Bread and Cherry White Chocolate Twist.
Z. Zoo animal: Gotta love the monkeys and the penguins.

It's not much, but it's something. Or at least that's what I tell myself.


Motion DeSmiths said...

What will you be preneuring en?

kenna said...

Praying mantises give me nightmares.

Not kidding.

Adera said...

nice blog :)