Wednesday, August 03, 2011

How can you not love it?; or, The ruler of the waves.

So today we took the newborn divider out of the baby tub so there was more room for the Little Guy to splash around. Seriously, I don't know why it took us so long to do it, because a funnier sight than the Little Guy reveling in the expanded size of his new watery kingdom I have rarely seen.

His first item of business was to turn around so he was facing the reclining wall of the tub, which gave him maximum splashage space. The next priority was to grab the little crab-shaped sprinkler cup that came with the tub.

And then, oh, then, he splashed.

He splashed with glee and reckless abandon and giggled and squealed and splashed and wriggled and shrieked.

And eventually he would splash enough to fill up the little cup. And then the next time he raised his hand to begin another splash, he would inadvertently hurl the contents of said cup directly into his face.

Then he would gasp and cough and splutter and blink.



Resume splashing/squealing/giggling/refilling the cup.

Rinse and repeat.

Poseidon had best watch himself; there's a new ruler of the waves in town.

Yeah, I love that Little Guy. And at least now I know that his nose has definitely been rinsed clean both inside and out.


Tina said...

Ha, ha, ha!! Love bath time!! I can't believe how old he's getting! So fun!

kenna said...

i'm a creepy blog stalker...

but i love the way you write, i love reading your blog...and, well, i'm going to keep reading it.

elliespen said...

Shoot, Kenna, I've been stalking your blog for awhile now, and I'm flattered to find out it's mutual. Stalk away! :)