Friday, November 13, 2009

Remember, remember; or, Not.

Well, Guy Fawkes, I have failed you.

My memory + Guy Fawkes = EPIC FAIL.

What with Stump the Professor and two funerals and the midterm for my class and studying for the MPRE, and let's not under any circumstances forget Ratchet and Clank or SYTYCD and OH my old nemesis is back, I forgot Guy Fawkes Day.

So yeah, that whole
Remember, remember the fifth of November

thing? Totally not what I did.


Epic. Fail.

Well, I guess there's always next year. . . .

At least my forgetfulness was not the result of getting a manicure. (Name that reference for 27 points!)

If you wish to show your sympathy and solidarity, feel free to leave a belated penny for the Guy.


Erin Taylor said...

Ha! I misread that last line. I thought you said leave a penny for the gay. What the heck does Guy Fawkes day have to do with the Gays? hee hee.... I think if you celebrate some other obscure holiday you can make up for it.

Katie E. said...

Is it . . . The Women or perhaps Born Yesterday? I know I know, but I cannot place it because it's not fresh in my head.

Why do you have two links to the same site?

I'm sorry about your failure. It needs to be on a weekend so there can be an Ellis-style Guy Fawkes par-tay.

Katie E. said...

1,2,3 is my next guess.