Friday, January 12, 2007

Big news at the Scritchy household

There's a new addition at the Scritchy house.

Its name is Clavinova.

Yamaha Clavinova.

I love it.

Very, very much.

Not only is it mighty attractive, but it also makes cool noises and is quite easy to move around, being digital and light and all.

Which is a very good thing because we will be moving within the next six months or so.

Because we both got letters today, the Shallow Man and I.

Good letters.

Of the sort that begin with the word "Congratulations."

And not about the new Yamaha.

About a new opportunity to move to an old town.

About like a-this.

See you next fall, baby!

Disclaimer: We're still not sure if we'll both be starting up at the same time. I may continue to work for another year if my job goes to at-home, so as to keep things like insurance and incoming cash flow. But this doesn't change the fact that we both got in. Or the fact that I only studied for the LSAT for about two weeks beforehand. Take that, suckers!

P.S. Yes, Margo, I did get a digital. But it's a nice one that feels real. :) I've been playing our songs and remembering fun times in the HFAC.

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