Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Still alive....

I was inspired to finally update after seeing that Gryffinkat had, and since it's been about the same amount of time since either of us posted anything...

Not really much to say here, though. Shallow Man is still finishing up finals and we both can't wait for those to be over. I have all next week off and it will be wonderful to have a break. Work has been very stressful recently although we're trying to get it so that we're working from home, which will help a lot.

I'm pretty much ready for Christmas except a few stocking stuffers. We have to go buy the Sub for Santa gifts tonight and I have to make some more Christmas treats. It snowed on Friday and Saturday and Sunday, pretty much straight through for 48 hours, which made driving to church interesting. It's mostly melted off the roads now but we should still have plenty left for a White Christmas.

Tobey-cat is trying very hard to get my attention - apparently I'm not loving him enough at the moment. So, till next time, Happy Christmahanukwanzaadanstice!

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