Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Well that was unexpected.

Even though I ended the day sick in bed with a horrible, sudden-onset cold, Saturday started out pretty good.

I rode the train into Salt Lake and then walked over to Trolley Square to pick up my Locals-Only tickets to the Sundance Film Festival. I also scored a couple of Best of Fest tickets. I had a roasted turkey and brie sandwich from Whole Foods, which I ate as I walked around, wearing a hat, scarf and fingerless gloves and listening to Mumford and Sons on my iPhone. I thought about stopping in at Trader Joe's but didn't have time before I had to catch my train home.

And then I read that paragraph and thought, dear saints, when did I turn into a hipster?

Fortunately for my sake, my shoes were neither vegan nor Chucks and I was not wearing my glasses. Fortunately for the sake of everyone else, I was also not wearing skinny jeans. Also, the hat and gloves were from Old Navy, and the Sundance tickets are for Austenland and not some depressing documentary about the environment or some failed indie music group, so I'm probably okay for now.


Lost in Translation said...

I don't have much to add except that I have been giggling all week about this. :)

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