Thursday, December 02, 2010

Things I love; or, Just the facts.

I love:

*The fact that I have been able to see the seasons change from late summer to autumn to winter by watching the leaves change on the tree that is visible from the nursery window while I nurse the Little Guy.

*The fact that my red-haired son has long eyelashes which are strawberry blond and not white. (And yes, he also has my invisible eyebrows. But that's another story.)

*The fact that the Little Guy took two legitimate naps today, rather than a handful of catnaps. (The fact that I got a major amount of cleaning done may or may not have anything to do with this.)

*The fact that the Little Guy is starting to enjoy bath time.

*The fact that there is, in fact, the Little Guy.

Yeah, I'm hopelessly in love.


Meg said...

I love The Little Guy, too! He is super cool. Great list of Loves.

Katie E. said...

Squeeeeee! Love him too.

Lost in Translation said...

I get to play with Little Guy tonight. Bwahahaha.