Monday, September 06, 2010

Airing out.

Today was perfect weather—cool and crisp but still warm enough that you wouldn't need to take a jacket. Perfect weather for opening every window in the house and letting the place air out.

We opened the windows, pulled up the blinds and pushed back the curtains to let the light in. Today's light was perfect, too, to match the weather—my favorite kind of light. It was coming from just the right angle and made our house bright and cheery and light.

During the summer we keep the windows closed most of the time because of the direction our house faces (most of our windows open either to the south or to the nearby train yard, letting in excess noise and/or heat, and letting out the cool air from the AC). The last time we really had our windows open was when the AC broke the weekend before the bar. That was NOT a good time for opening windows, because the air coming in was still too hot.

It was glorious to just let the breeze waft through the place, freshening the air and the house. It felt like it was cleansing all the stress that has bottled up this summer from the bar and the pregnancy and everything else, and blew it away like cobwebs. I was content for a good part of the afternoon to just sit on the couch, doing nothing in particular but enjoy the breeze, look out the window, and watch the cats try to decide which window to sit in first.

It's nice to have days when you can give your house and your soul a little chance to air out and feel fresh and new again.


Carrie said...

How Glorious!! :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Enjoyed this post and I totally agree. This time of year is wonderful for opening windows.