Monday, April 05, 2010

Three weeks.

At a time when most of my fellow 3Ls are waxing nostalgic about this being the last week of classes, probably EVER for most of them, I'm too busy and stressed to be nostalgic. I will be nostalgic later; I'll think about it tomorrow. Whatever you like.

For right now, I'm just repeating my new mantra:

Three weeks. Three weeks. Three weeks.

Three weeks from today it will all be over. I will have my JD. I will not need to write any more papers. I will not need to read textbooks. I will not need to stress about how I keep missing class because I'm still sick the majority of the time.

I will have graduated.

And what's more, I will officially be in my second trimester, no matter which way you count it. Which means, with any luck, that I won't feel so sick anymore, either. I might even have some energy by then. (Of course, I really could use some of that energy now to get through the next few weeks, but that's another story.)

So. Three weeks. Three weeks. Three weeks.

I can do this.


Barb @ getupandplay said...

You CAN do it!! Three weeks is totally doable!

~Shauna~ said...

yes you can! You can do it! woot! And yay for the upcoming 2nd semester!! YAY! Hopefully the sickness will go away, just in time for your RAD cruise!!! :)

Meg said...

Three weeks is my new mantra, too. And speaking of new mantras, my word verification is "frums" and I think that would be a swell addition to my vocabulary. Anytime you want a break to watch cheesy Amanda Bynes flicks, I'll be right over.

Tina said...

That is soooo exciting!! Only three weeks and then you can enjoy every moment before your little one comes!!

And by the way, your April Fool's joke totally got me on facebook. I was going crazy trying to find your phone number on the internet (no luck) because I was so excited for you. But then I refreshed my page and saw the joke. You got me good!!

Erin said...


Katie E. said...

Go Ellie go! You can do it!