Saturday, February 06, 2010

Story time! And time for a VOTE!

And again, this isn't a real post. But it will be, WITH YOUR HELP!

So many great and blog-worthy things have happened in the last couple of weeks. Well, some not so great, but still blog-worthy. But the upshot is that with all the time I've spent actually living through these things (and the rest of my time being spent doing ridiculous law school stuff *cough*edits*cough*), I haven't had time to actually blog about them. And now I'm just too tired to blog about them all.

So I think I'll put it to a vote. Do you want to hear about:

1. The night we did epic battle with the fence in the massive windstorm with 40 mph gusts?

2. The epic saga of Doooooooom! that is our car, beginning with a failed attempt to see my little sister's play and ending, most recently, with us being stranded at Walmart this evening?

3. A love song to mac and cheese and my newfound domesticity?

4. An ode to my car's left turn signal (not to be confused with the epic saga of Doooooooom!)?

5. A well thought-out and intelligent book review of an awesome book I just finished reading?

6. A tale of adventure on the high seas?

7. Or an introduction to a new blog?

Leave a comment with your top three votes, and I'll write a blog post on the winner, and possibly the runners-up, sometime this week.

Until then, I think I'm going to take another nap.


Barb @ getupandplay said...

2, 3, and 5. And maybe 6 and 7.

Erin Taylor said...

I'm sorry, but since you mentioned them all, you MUST blog about them all. It is your duty!

Tina said...

My vote is for 3,4 and 7!
Can't wait to hear all about them.

Motion DeSmiths said...


Carrie said...

All in time, I hope... but I'll oblige: 1, 3 then 2.

Katie E. said...

Hello! Cupcakes! Duh.

And then epic adventure on the high seas.

And then one of the car stories I haven't heard.

And then the epic wind storm because you could do a lot with that.

I will now call you.

~Shauna~ said...

Mac and Cheese, Book review, and DOOOOOM

Lost in Translation said...

3, 5, and 7! Blog blog blog!!