Monday, January 25, 2010

But Mother, I don't WANT to edit an article about civil liability!

(said in my best Wendy voice)


I have two or three great posts I want to write up for the blog but I can't because I'm supposed to be editing an article for the law journal.

I don't LIKE editing articles for the law journal. First off, I don't think it's the editor's (namely, my) job to write your thesis sentence, roadmaps, arguments and footnotes for you if you couldn't do it yourself. Is this the way it works for all journals? Because with my limited experience in publishing, it seems like editors usually give the author ideas, suggestions and feedback about what work needs to be done and then make her do it herself. (And why is our journal accepting articles that have no discernible theses to begin with? Who knows.)

The point is, there are so many more interesting and useful things I'd like to be doing. Cleaning off the kitchen desk. Baking bread. Exercising while catching up on Gilmore Girls. Playing old-school video games. Blogging.

Come on, people! Don't you understand? There are cupcakes to decorate (a new-found love), scarves to knit (because I'm totally going to teach myself to do that now), hats to crochet, old blogs to read, new blogs to discover, recipes to try, offices to organize, houses to redecorate, numbers to paint by, and OH MY GOODNESS books to read.

SO. MANY. BOOKS. (Some of them written by highly attractive Welshmen.)


And, unfortunately, at least one article on civil liability for misstatements in offer documents (yeah, you read that right) to edit.

With attendant threats of demerits if someone doesn't get it done in time. (Really, people? Demerits? Really?? Are we not past the elementary school stage yet?)

So the books by gorgeous Welshmen will have to wait.

And so will you, because my more interesting posts will not get written tonight.


~Shauna~ said...

LOL! I love your blog posts. pfft demerits, your adoring public needs more posts :P

Katie E. said...

I love you Ellie. There's a great big world out there for you to conquer, isn't there? I can't wait for you to do these good, big things. Only a few more months until you can. I think the one sad part about London is its potential to limit our time together.

(WV: gonica, which looks like something Adam Sandler made up to rhyme with Hanukkah.)

Erin Taylor said...

*eyebrow raise* attractive Welshmen? Hmmm..... you've peaked my interest! Just spew something out and get on with your life- you make me laugh!!!

Meg said...

Herein lies the reason I declined to be a part of the review/journal group.

What is this book of which you write? Who is this Welshman? I must know.

Motion DeSmiths said...

The first time I read demerits, I read it dermatitis. Which would at least be a more interesting threat.

Lost in Translation said...

Yeah, you really must read Shades of Grey. It's a weird little book so far, but worth the read.

And, well, it's Jasper Fforde. You can always look at the book cover if you're feeling down about the ILMR.

The Boob Nazi said...

Just wait until you finish law school. I'm in my last semester of grad school, which consists of two externships and one class, and it is wonderful. I'm reading a book right now actually. (And by right now I mean right before I opened my computer and right after I close it.) It's like I have a real life again. (Wow, that sounded sad.)