Sunday, April 19, 2009

Free stuff for you, part the second.

OH. And speaking of free stuff, there are still two spots left from the other post. I'm doing this not so much as a what-the-heck-let's-DO-this-meme thing but as a give-myself-something-constructive-to-do-with-my-free-time-over-the-summer-so-I'm-not-left-to-my-own-devices-because-we-all-know-that-can-only-end-in-tears thing.

So please, please, can't at least two more of you find it in the goodness of your hearts to comment on that other post and get the free stuff?

You don't actually have to sign up to do it on your own blog (although you can if you want, or even in lower numbers, like just doing it for one or two people). I'll never check on you. You can feel good about yourself by helping save me from myself AND.... you get something awesome from me. And we all know how cool I am.

Right, guys? Right?

I really can't believe how hard I'm having to push this. Doesn't anyone like getting free stuff anymore?

(If for some strange and miraculous reason more than five people end up commenting I'll see what I can do for some of the rest of you but I can't make any guarantees. I have a lot of extra unscheduled mischief to be getting into, after all. )


Motion DeSmiths said...

Sign me up for free stuff. I would have signed up initially, but I thought it a great effort to repost this on my blog/facebook. But now that I'm footloose and mostly fancy free I shall do so.

Lost in Translation said...

I will take free stuff! I love free stuff. I have zero talent and zero time, so I was reluctant to do it. Puh-leeeze? Pleeeeease? :)