Friday, September 28, 2007


I love my contracts class. This probably has less to do with the subject than with the professor. So here are the top three reasons why my professor rocks (although this will probably do more toward proving my nerdiness than his coolness). I would do ten but law school kind of sucks out your creativity.

3) He looks just like the dad from Calvin and Hobbes.

2) He keeps us up to date on current events.
Example: "There was some very sad news from Australia today. The inventor of the boomerang grenade has died."

1) Taken from an essay he wrote: an excerpt from the typical dean's letter recommending a student for the bar:
In my judgment, this person:
__ is as pure as the driven snow
__ is as pure as the driven snow after it has lain on the ground for a couple of days and gotten yucky stuff all over it
__ slithered out of a Dickens novel

(Note: That last one still sends me into a fit of giggles. Guess I just can't get away from my nerdly roots.)

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gryffinkat said...

"Crawled out of a Dickens novel." Ah, I love it! Console yourself with the reflection that you're not alone in your nerdiness. :D