Thursday, September 21, 2006


Avast, me mateys, I did be wantin' to wish ye a belated happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which were Tuesday o' this week, the 19th o' September. I did be keepin' a weather eye out fer it this year so I dinna miss it like las' year. I hope all ye lubbers did be havin' a jolly time of it, and that none of ye got a taste o' the cat or were keelhauled. Unless, o' course, ye did be deservin' o' such, in which case I may be havin' to give ye the Black Spot!

Yarr, I hope ye all did enjoy yer day, engaged in pillagery and looting and drunken revelry (of the cleaner sort), and raised high the Jolly Roger. And while ye be waitin' fer next year, set yer deadlights on this website, (after ye've swabbed the deck) and have a bit o' grog. Fair winds, me hearties, an' a yo-ho-ho!

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